Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) are created as an investor-friendly environment for companies to operate with ready-to-use infrastructure and social facilities. Infrastructure provided in these zones includes roads, water, natural gas, electricity, communications, waste treatment and other services. The first OIZ was established in Bursa in 1962. There are

total of 356 OIZs in 81 provinces, 260 of them are actively in use; 96 OIZs are under remaining construction in various regions of Turkey. Over 67,000 companies operate in more than 32,000 parcels of OIZs and these OIZs employ more than 2 million people.

Free Zones (FZs) are special areas that are located outside the scope of customs zones, although they are located within the political borders of the country. FZs areas are designed to increase the number of export-oriented investments. There are 18 operational Free Zones in total that are close to the EU and Middle East markets, and there is another one in the installation phase. These Free Zones are located at points which provide easy access to international trade routes and to the ports in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas.

Technology Development Zones (TDZ)/Technoparks are the areas to support R&D activities and to attract investments in high technology. They are organized research and development, innovation and technology in the same ecosystems in which their academic, economic and social structures are integrated. There are 92 TDZs in total. 73 of them are operational and 19 of them have been approved and are currently under construction.

In these Organized Industrial Zones, Free Zones and Technology Development Zones, many factories produce and export in various sectors including Information and Communication Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Chemistry, Automotive, Machinery, Defence & Aviation, Food, Textile, Metal, Mining and Petro-Chemistry.

Industrial production in Turkey increased by 11.4 percent on an annual basis in 2021 and Turkey once again ranked first among European countries. In 2022, Turkey will continue to grow mainly based on industry.

We provide fast and easy investment processes for international investors who want to invest in production, export and R&D in Organized Industrial Zones, Free Zones and Technology Development Zones where national and international companies are located. We are proud to be with our international investors in the process of purchasing, building and renting all areas for production such as Industrial Land, Factory Building, Warehouse.